Sun Care and Tanning Tips

Always wear Maui Babe SPF 30 with our Browning Lotion when planning extended “play time” in the sun. Our Browning Lotion is for tanning purposes only, and does not include UVA or UVB protection. Maui Babe SPF 30 provides UVA & UVB protection up to 4 hours in the sun before re-applying.

* Consistently walk around or turn your body to ensure equal exposure for the best tan
* Constantly ensure that you are drinking water while in the sun (this ensures your skin stays hydrated and is an old Hawaiian trick!)
* Keep re-applying our lotion to your skin to maintain the moisture and natural ingredients to be absorbed in the skin

Our most popular and unique product provides ALL NATURAL Hawaiian Ingredients to ensure you receive a deep, dark long lasting tan. Our ingredients including; Kukui Nut Oil and Aloe Vera ensures that the lotion absorbs into the skin for a deep tan, and we use very little mineral oil as to not burn the top layer of skin. We also use Kona Coffee extract in our Browning Lotion to provide our distinct fragrance and adding a small fragment of caffeine to the skin, which according to a Rutgers University study, MAY help prevent skin cancer!


Our unique After Sun lotion, Maui Babe After Browning Lotion, provides the skin with the necessary moisturizing that it needs all year around. We recommend using Maui Babe After Browning Lotion every day of the year to ensure that the skin receives the vitamins and minerals it needs to stay healthy, smooth and soft. Our ALL NATURAL Hawaiian Ingredients in our After Browning Lotion include; Kukui Nut Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil and Aloe Vera which are all proven ingredients and “old Hawaiian” traditional ingredients to ensure the skin is healthy while keeping your tan!


We recommend wearing SPF 30 with UVA & UVB protection every day of the year when in the sun. Our SPF 30 Lotion provides protection from both of the major sun rays which cause skin damage and possible skin cancer. Our SPF 30 lotion also includes a MAUI FRAGRANCE for the most discerning of pallet.